Ramcel Media today is a leading out of home media company was established in the early 90s with the primary objective to fund the late Dato’ Dr. Raja Mohamad’s programmes such as hosting business conferences, entrepreneurs seminars, publishing various business publications and founding non-profitable organisations and associations in pursuance of his dream.

The company’s expertise coupled with quality and value added services stem from understanding the specific needs of our client, allowed the company secure large clients such as Syarikat Takaful

Malaysia, Felda Global Ventures (FGV), Syarikat Takaful Malaysia and many more including joint collaboration with various ministries and government agencies. Ramcel Media was also appointed as the official outdoor media for many of the notable global events such as Thomas Cup in 2000, Commonwealth Games in 1998, LIMA in 1998 and more.

Today, Ramcel Media stands tall as an established company offering a diverse range of outdoor advertising opportunities. We have largest format of billboards along the busiest highways in Malaysia and many other mediums to cater every need of our clients. Ramcel Media is also developing LED digital advertising boards to transform from traditional static billboards in order to keep up with latest technology. 

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